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VinQuest 2016 - Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report

VinQuest 2016 - Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report
VinQuest™ is the wine industry’s annual survey to measure the size and dynamics of the U.S. consumer direct sales channel.

Now in its ninth year, the VinQuest research project has produced one of the largest and most widely used sources of consumer direct sales data in the U.S. wine industry.

The report includes complete detailed results from the VinQuest™ 2016 survey of 224 wineries in 10 U.S. states. Results includes estimates of consumer direct wine sales via tasting room, events, wine club, internet, direct mail & telesales. Use of wine club, tasting room and ecommerce technology is measured and correlated with DTC sales growth to identify best practices.

An executive summary is provided, along with detailed response data for each survey question and proprietary comparisons of performance metrics by winery size, price-point and region. 
Includes detailed regional averages for Napa Valley and Sonoma County wineries.
Executive Summary
Research Methodology
Summary of Key Findings
DTC Channel Performance
Wine Club Performance
Tasting Room Performance
Ecommerce Performance
DTC Technology Use
Detailed Survey Results
Winery Production Volume
Winery Distribution by State
Sales Channels Used
Percent Direct to Consumers
Average Direct Pricing
Consumer Direct Sales Growth
DTC Wine Sales Methods
DTC Channel Sales Mix
Satisfaction with DTC Technology
DTC Technology Upgrades
Tasting Room Visitor Count
Tasting Room Sales Growth
Tasting Room Technology Use
Tasting Room Technology Integration
Barriers to Tasting Room Sales Growth
Wine Club Membership
Wine Club Sales Growth
Wine Club Technology Use
Barriers to Wine Club Sales Growth
Ecommerce Sales Growth
Sources of Ecommerce Sales
PCI Compliance
Ecommerce Technology Use
Performance Benchmarks
Total DTC Wine Sales
DTC Wine Sales GRowth
DTC Channel Sales Mix
Wine Club Sales & Growth
Wine Club Membership
Tasting Room Sales
Tasting Room Visitors
Ecommerce Sales
Sources of Ecommerce Sales
Best Practices
Channel Sales Mix
DTC Product Pricing
Wine Club Technology
Tasting Room Technology
Ecommerce Technology
Regional Comparisons - Key Performance Metrics
VinQuest 2016 Survey Questions
Conclusions: Insights & Action
63 pages.  Electronic download only - no hard copy


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